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Brothway Collagene Boost

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The "collagen boost box" contains two signature Brothway classics: Bio Beef & Chicken-Curcuma. The ingredients & preparation time of these variations are designed to release a maximum concentration of collagen. The perfect partners after exercise or for a collagen treatment! The "collagen boost box" contains over 185 grams of collagen!

Contents of 1 box:

  • 14x Chicken Curcuma (180ml)
  • 14x Bio Beef (180ml)
Chicken Curcuma: Water, chicken bones*, onion*, carrot*, ginger*, apple cider vinegar*, salt, pepper*, curcuma*. *Organic farming
Bio Beef: Beef bones*, veal bones*, beef*, onion*, carrot*, celery*, leek*, ginger*, garlic*, salt, pepper*, coriander*, rosemary*, star anise*, bay leaf*, clove* *Organic agriculture
  • Chicken Curcuma: Energy: 76 kJ /18 kcal, Fats: < 0.2 g, Of which saturated: < 0.2 g, Carbohydrates: < 0.5 g, Of which sugar: < 0.5 g, Proteins: 4.19 g, Salt: 0.3 g, Collagen: 2.48 g
    Bio Beef: Energy: 131 kJ /31 kcal, Fats: 0.27 g, Of which saturated: < 0.2 g, Carbohydrates: 0.9 g, Of which sugar: 1 g, Proteins: 6.19 g, Salt: 0.45 g, Collagen: 4.96%
Pour out and heat up over a low heat or quickly - without a lid - in the microwave 1.30 min/700 W Our broths can be stored at room temperature. After opening, however, keep in the refrigerator, and use within three days.
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