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Why can fasting be beneficial?

Why can fasting be beneficial?

Humans have evolved in an energy-poor environment. Our body's bag of tricks to save energy is therefore very extensive. After the Second World War, the production of our food per capita increased sharply. The Western world was now surrounded by an abundance of foodstuffs.

A large part of the food we find in the supermarket today was non-existent last century, and all centuries before that. Take, for example, the popular combination of fat and refined sugar. This combination does not actually occur in nature. It is a contemporary mix that strongly influences our energy intake.

We all know the feeling. You're at a restaurant, and after the main course you can't eat another bite. Until suddenly the waiter comes by with the dessert menu. You can swallow the delicious Dame Blanche without any problem.

This can partly be explained by the fact that sugar appeals to both your satiety center and your reward center in the brain. During the dessert moment, your satiety system is overshadowed by your reward system. Result: you overeat.

While overeating is unhealthy, it can actually be very healthy to do the opposite every now and then. During a fast, your body switches to alternative energy systems, so that you become more metabolically flexible. This means that your energy level remains more stable, regardless of whether and what you have eaten.

The most important benefits of a fasting treatment at a glance:

  • Insulin production decreases and insulin sensitivity increases . A chronically high insulin level is associated with, among other things, Alzheimer's disease, which is also known as type 3 diabetes.

  • Production of ketones . Ketones are chemicals that serve as a kind of fuel that your body can use, in addition to glucose. Ketones offer benefits in the field of cognitive functions, among other things.

  • The production of growth hormone increases spectacularly (+500%) . The growth hormone is a kind of 'recovery hormone'. It ensures the recovery and production of muscles and tendons and has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

  • Increase in autophagic activity . Autophagic activity is a process in which the body breaks down 'broken' proteins and foreign substances.

  • Better functioning of the immune system . After a few days of fasting you can already observe an increase in stem cell generation.

  • Mental detox . We often eat out of boredom or because we experience stress. Fasting makes us stand still and can help to break dysfunctional patterns.

How can bone broth fit into a fasting schedule?

Bone broth has properties that are useful during fasting. Filtered bone broth provides so few calories that you can complete your treatment perfectly with a normal portion. You could compare it to drinking water during a fast. All the benefits of the treatment continue, while you can enjoy a nice cup of bone broth!

And that's not all. Bone broth also provides beneficial amino acids that enhance the recovery and detoxification process. The electrolytes in bone broth regulate fluid balance, which makes fasting more pleasant. This reduces your risk of developing headaches, a common side effect for people new to fasting. Finally, bone broth is also the ideal food to consume first when you want to end your fast. Half an hour later you can eat your first real meal.

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