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Why Brothway?

Small & powerful

The Brothway bouillons are made in the real, traditional way!

Without flavor enhancers or preservatives of course, but purely natural, with fresh herbs & vegetables (100% organic ) and fresh meat and bones (100% organic) play a leading role. Our stocks are sugar-free, low in salt and rich in proteins.

The nutrients and delicious flavors are completely released after a cooking process ranging from 30 to no less than 72 hours, after which we filter carefully to avoid all excess fats.


When to drink Brothway

At what time of day is it best to drink your drinking broth?

There are no black and white studies/recommendations on the best time to take collagen drinks; however, scientific evidence shows that it is best to take nutrients when your liver is as pure as possible. Autophagy or cell repair happens on an empty stomach or at night since no digestion takes place.


The most appropriate times to consume your drinking broth are:

  1. On an empty stomach in the morning.
    Best 2 hours after your breakfast. The ideal replacement for your coffee at 10 o'clock!

  2. Ideal after exercise!
    The drinking broth can be taken after an effort of at least 45 minutes. Then do not consume any other drinks/shakes.

  3. in the evening before going to bed.
    Try to avoid sugars and carbohydrates (pasta, rice, potatoes…) in the evening .


Why drink Brothway

In what ways is drinking broth the perfect partner for lifestyle?

A drinking broth is always healthy within a healthy lifestyle, as a snack or a healthy boost… But this energy bomb can also be used in many diets. Our nutritionist explains:

A drinking broth is a perfect alternative as the first hot drink when you do Intermittent fasting. We speak of Intermittent fasting if you fast for 16 hours (including the night). You eat in a span of 8 hours. This offers enormous health benefits because your body gets time for recuperation or recovery (autophagy). It can thus bring the - often occurring - insulin-resistant symptoms (sugar cravings, fatigue, dips, ...) back into balance. Your body is being reprogrammed, as it were. Result: you burn fat faster and feel energetic and vital again!


What other diet can Brothway help with?

In addition to intermittent fasting, there are also more extreme forms of fasting by not eating but only drinking for 2 to 4 consecutive days. This is done under the supervision of a doctor. Drinking broths are suitable during this extreme version of fasting as they contain a source of protein. You can see proteins as the building blocks of your body and stop muscle breakdown.

Another type of diet is the keto diet. This is a low-carbohydrate diet whose energy comes mainly from fats. The combination of low-carbohydrate drinking broths is therefore an ideal warm alternative for this type of diet.

A Mediterranean diet also benefits from drinking broths, they make you feel full and provide the necessary hydration to your body. Proteins are known for their feeling of satiety, so that you indirectly have a hunger-reducing effect and take in less energy. A calorie-reducing diet results in faster burning of excess fats, resulting in weight loss.

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